About Me


Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Ray Yore, the owner, shooter, editor and creative behind Ray Yore Films.

Filming has always come naturally to me. As a kid I used to love watching my parents old “Super 8” film reels of family events and holidays. From then on, I pretty much had a camera in my hands any chance I got. So my love of capturing life moments on film has been a completely organic process for me, from ski holidays to family occasions, backpacking adventures to action sports and everything in between.
What started out as a hobby, grew and developed into a career and for that, I am eternally grateful. As the saying goes “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” and luckily for me, that is the case.

My Process

I aim to be as discreet as possible to allow me to capture moments as they naturally unfold. I want to capture the true essence of your day so I won’t be asking for any awkward poses etc. My job is to professionally capture with care and expertise the big (and little) moments of your day with minimal interference to you or your guests.

I invest a lot of time in the editing process of every wedding I film. I bring the utmost care and attention to my work, to create a truly unique and personal film to be treasured for years to come. To allow for this, I only film a limited number of weddings each year.